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Desi Chickpeas, No.1

USD 635.0/MT

PKR 165.00 / KG

US$ 635.00 / MT

US$ 994.63 / MT

Rs 105.34 / kg

Rs 165.0 / kg


YP Meteor Peas

USD 490.0/MT

PKR 113.00 / KG

US$ 490.00 / MT

US$ 656.4 / MT

Rs 84.35 / kg

Rs 113.0 / kg


Crimson No.2

USD 800.0/MT

PKR 235.00 / KG

US$ 800.00 / MT

US$ 1403.36 / MT

Rs 133.96 / kg

Rs 235.0 / kg



USD 1080.0/MT

PKR 10100.00 / 40 KG

US$ 1080.00 / MT

US$ 1507.87 / MT

Rs 180.85 / kg

Rs 252.5 / kg


KCP Farmer Dressed

USD 1030.0/MT

PKR 165.00 / KG

US$ 1030.00 / MT

US$ 985.34 / MT

Rs 172.48 / kg

Rs 165.0 / kg


KCP 56/58, Clipper Brand, No.1

USD 1450.0/MT

PKR 230.00 / KG

US$ 1450.00 / MT

US$ 1386.46 / MT

Rs 240.54 / kg

Rs 230.0 / kg



USD 1125.0/MT

PKR 190.00 / KG

US$ 1125.00 / MT

US$ 1145.34 / MT

Rs 186.63 / kg

Rs 190.0 / kg



USD 1200.0/MT

PKR 195.00 / KG

US$ 1200.00 / MT

US$ 1175.48 / MT

Rs 199.07 / kg

Rs 195.0 / kg


KCP 7/8mm

USD 1030.0/MT

PKR 175.00 / KG

US$ 1030.00 / MT

US$ 1054.92 / MT

Rs 170.87 / kg

Rs 175.0 / kg

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    Real Time Market Prices

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About Us

Doni and Company is an agro commodity trading business based in Karachi, Pakistan. We deal in pulses, oilseeds, wheat, rice, sugar, maize/corn, spices and fodder. Our local buyers in Pakistan include millers, investors, traders, stockists, wholesalers and retailers. Some of our institutional clients include World Food Programme Pakistan, International Committee of the Red Cross Afghanistan, Pakistan Army and Pakistan Utility Store Corporation. Origins, destinations and trading hubs we presently do business with include: Canada, Australia, U.S., Russia, Ukraine, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, U.A.E, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Turkey and Egypt.

When dealing with Doni and Company, our customers receive the benefit of our decades of experience and innovative technological solutions. Doni and Company's renowned industry reputation ensures that our customers receive the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Constantly adapting to customer requirements Doni and Company is well known for their customer service.

Our Services


We are a leading Agro-commodity trading firm. Our vast global network enables customers to receive the most competitive prices from reputable sellers.

Real Time Prices

Our customers receive the benefit of transparent real time commodity pricing. This gives them the advantage to enter and exit the market at the right time

Global Market Research

Our market research and analysis tools allow our customers to make informed trading decisions and help them develop in-depth understanding of the agro commodity market.

Technology Solutions

We provide information technology solutions and support to our clients, enabling them to manage their business processes in an organized and integrated manner.

Meet the Team.

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.

Bilal Doni

Head of Sales & Trading

Bilal Doni manages the sales & trading and heads the information technology desk at Doni & Company. Bilal graduated from the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto and worked for Moody's in their Toronto office, before joining he agribusiness sector in 2014.

Hadi Doni

Head of Sales

Hadi Doni is involved with sales & trading at Doni & Company. Hadi graduated with an Honours Economics and Accounting degree at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. After graduation Hadi worked at Mitsubishi Fund Services as a Fund Accountant. He also attained a CPA, CMA designation from CPA Ontario.

Hassaan Doni

Head of Business Development

Hassaan Doni handles sales and business development at Doni & Company. He graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelors in Actuarial Science and Economics.